Disco Soupe Spéciale Erasmus

Le 13 octobre 2017 à partir de 19h, dans le cadre des « Erasmus Days »

Dans le cadre des Oktobertreffs, l’Info-Café Berlin-Paris remet le couvert pour une Schnippeldisko spéciale « Erasmus Days » ! Préparez-vous pour une soirée spéciale sur le thème de l’Europe et des jeunes qui la font vivre. Le concept de la Disco Soupe est aussi l’occasion de se sensibiliser au thème du gaspillage alimentaire.

Entrée gratuite sur inscription.

**English announcement**

The “Erasmus” program is celebrating its 30th birthday this year!
It is for this very reason that the Info-Café Berlin-Paris invites you on Friday, October 13th for our so-called “Schnippeldisko” or “Disco Soup”.

The concept of the “Schnippeldisko” was brought up in Berlin – the first Schnippeldisko was organised by the NGO “Slow Food Deutschland” with great success; it is growing ever since. The organisers collect food leftovers from supermarkets to put to good use and to cook a delicious meal.

During our event, friendly supported by the organisation “Foodsharing”, all people are welcome who like to cut a lot of veggies, to cook together and to finally enjoy a free and tasty dinner in a relaxed and “European” atmosphere. With our Spanish chef Javier Gutierrez even picky eaters won’t be able to resist!

We will also organise small interactive games (for example: quiz games, blind test…) about European cultural differences through food and cooking. Come and join us and you could win some cool prizes, provided especially for the “Erasmus Days”.
Our event also aims to raise awareness about food waste and actions that all of us can take to reduce the waste.

Please note that we can only admit a limited number of participants: we can only guarantee access to these who signed in prior to the event.

Feel free to share our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/484654761897507/